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Welcome to the British Weights and Measures Association

BWMA exists to protect and promote British weights and measures, and to oppose compulsory use of the metric system. To join the Association, click here.

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Ministers' Metrication Conspiracy

The proof that compulsory metrication arose from an EC Directive in 1971, and not a decision taken domestically in 1965 by the UK government

Under Britain's new constitution, ministers may use the 1972 European Communities Act to repeal future legislation. This includes the 1985 Weights and Measures Act that permits pounds and ounces.
The Metric Martyrs (above) are traders who have been convicted under the 1972 Act for using pounds and ounces, despite lb/oz being legal under the more recent 1985 Act.
Why BWMA says pounds and ounces are still lawful
Steven Thoburn 1964 - 2004 Tribute Page

Consumer Affairs
Spot the difference: quantities have shrunk to smaller metric sizes while prices have stayed constant

Business issues
Retailers are under threat of criminal prosecution if they use imperial weights and measures

Transport and Signs
Metric signs, although commonplace, are against the law

International Trade
Example of dual packaging
US metric conversion plans are on hold; EC plans to prohibit "supplementary indications" are suspended - for now

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