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Imperial Upsizing

Producers of lager, ale and cider are switching back to pint can sizes. The pint label allows producers to outmarket those companies offering consumers less generous metric cans.

Pint cans represent "upsizing" on former metric cans of 500ml and 440ml (which represent only 0.88 pints and 0.77 pints, respectively). The use of the pint adds consistency to can sizes and enables consumers to make informed purchases around a fixed and well-understood point of reference. Metric "milli-unit" labels, on the other hand, fail to produce stable can sizes and offer consumers no meaningful information on quantity.

Dry Blackthorn   Dry Blackthorn 1 Pint cans.
  Scrumpy Jack - one pint for £1.

Insist on good value - Insist on Imperial

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