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Contrary to the UK government's claim of total metric conversion across the Commonwealth, Canada is a country that has not only failed to complete metrication, but has reverted to imperial units in many areas. This page shows examples (all dated 2005).

Loose fruit, vegetables, meat and poultry

Plums and peaches priced per lb
Strawberrys sold per quart

Steak per lb Chicken per lb

Raspberries per pint

Cherries per lb
Tomatoes per lb

Packaged and tinned foods

Tinned pears: 398ml / 14 fl oz Reverse of tin: in French

Heinz soup: 14 fl oz / 398 ml Reverse of tin: French
Tinned salmon: 213g / 7.5oz
Shelf ticket: 2 lb bags of onions
Mushrooms in 8oz packs

Advertising from supermarket magazines and flyers

The lb is used for both price and amount saved. The metric equivalent is in small print in the bottom left.
2 lb bags of potatoes Cranberries per lb

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