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US packaging

One of the many misconceptions spread by the metric lobby is that the United States of America is changing over to metric. Presented here is product packaging currently used on the US market, demonstrating that the USA overwhelming uses "English" units of measurement.

15 fl oz 7oz
4 fl oz
5 3/4 oz 48 fl oz
15 oz
7oz 2.7oz
10 fl oz
Under EC directive 1999/103, the above-type packaging will be outlawed for sale in the European Union after December 2009 - simply because customary units are displayed alongside metric. Such a law not only raises costs for international business, who would have have to set up two separate product lines for the US and EU markets, but is a violation of freedom of expression, since traders will be prevented from giving consumers information. BWMA will be challenging this directive in court.

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