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British Government position on "supplementary indications" 20 January 2007

On 10 January 2007, the Department of Trade and Industry issued an open letter stating its viewpoint on the EC "metric-only" Directive 80/181.

The DTI said that the,"...use of supplementary indications on goods is an important means of facilitating trade between Member States and non-metric countries such as the USA. The Government believes that the removal of the permission to use supplementary indications after 2009 could create a barrier to trade and increase costs for UK businesses wishing to export to the US".

Therefore, the DTI concluded, "...the Government intends to support the continued use of supplementary indications after 2009 for an indefinite period".

With regards to the pint for draught beer and cider, and for milk in returnable containers, and the mile for road traffic signs, the Government believes, "...that the derogations do not adversely affect trade between Member States and intends to propose to the Commission that, in line with the principle of subsidiarity, the future of these derogations should be a matter to be decided by the individual Member States which make use of them".

The DTI's letter may be read here:


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