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Metric Culprits

International Trade 16/09/06

Links: US metric proposal - in abeyance
US "dual" inch-pound/metric marking
  Trans-Atlanic Business Dialogue
  American labelling
  Canadian labelling
  British exporters
  US metric proposal
  Ireland: clampdown on butchers

One of the main arguments put forward in favour of metric conversion is that it is necessary for international trade. But no conflict exists between Britain retaining traditional units for domestic use while maintaining compatibility abroad. British exporters remain free to adopt metric units where international trade requires it, just as metric countries adopt inch-based specifications and labelling for the manufacture of computer equipment, car accessories and foodstuffs.

EC "metric-only" Directive (closed issue)

European Commission metric proposals
12 September 2007
BWMA comment
12 September 2007
British Government calls for indefinite derogation to supplementary indications
20 January 2007
International Coalition against Metric-only Directive
9 November 2006
EC "metric-only" Directive, 1 January 2010
BWMA calls for permanent repeal 24 August 2006

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