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To assist consumers in identifying metric downsizing, we present a Consumers' Guide to Downsizing. Supermarkets periodically provide shoppers with "handy" cut-out-and-keep conversion cards with slogans such as "Happy to help you move to metric". We thought it would be more useful to provide shoppers with a guide to metric conversion as actually applied:

Customary packaging Metric "equivalents" Actual New Sizes
16oz 450g or 420g or 400g 15.9oz / 14.8oz / 14.1 oz
15oz 410g / 400g / 392g 14.5oz / 14.1oz / 13.8oz
10oz 280g / 250g 9.9oz / 8.8oz
8oz 225g / 220g / 200g 7.9oz / 7.7oz / 7.0oz
5oz 140g 4.9oz
4oz 110g / 100g 3.9oz / 3.5oz
2oz 55g / 50g 1.9oz / 1.76oz
1oz 25g 0.88oz
1 pint 550ml / 500ml 0.97 pint / 0.88 pint
10 fl oz 280ml / 275ml / 250ml 9.9 fl oz / 9.7 fl oz / 8.8 fl oz
5 fl oz 140ml 4.9 fl oz

How to use the Shoppers' Real Metric Conversion Chart: look up metric quantities found on product packaging in the middle column. Compare these to the first column to see what the weight may have been when sold in traditional sizes. Look to the third column to see what the weight is now. Write a polite letter to the retailer or producer, asking them to confirm whether quantities have been decreased and, if so, whether prices were decreased, also. Products that are under current threat of downsizing include milk (568ml/1pint to 500ml), sausages (454g/1lb to 400g), and sliced meat (4oz/113g to 100g).

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