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Metric Culprits

Metric Idiocy

Using straight metric conversions to describe items based on inches and pounds makes for ludicrous descriptions. Yet, those with a Total Metrication mindset cannot see the absurdity of their huge "milli-unit" numbers. Here we provide examples of such "metric idiocy".

Spotted in London, a car park entrance measured to "4267mm"
A "228mm" paint roller
228mm paint roller
B&Q B&Q describe their barbeque grills variously as 3072 sq cm, 7901 sq cm and 2413 sq cm.
"1470 x 1054 mm" refuse sacks

Argos has advertised the capacity of their microwaves as 0.025, 0.017, 0.019 and 0.031 cubic metres, as though consumers really perceive dimensions to three sub-zero decimal places.
A Sainsbury's newspaper advertisment describe a 2lb cake and a 1lb pudding (right) and a pint of cream (below) as "907g", "454g" and "568ml". "907g" cake and "454g" pudding
"568ml" cream
Hastings Council installed signs with inappropriately small units
River authorities convert straight from miles to kilometres per hour; this sign was previously 7 mph
SI gone mad: a weight indication on the back of a van in dekaNewtons, with kilograms in brackets

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