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Verdict Day in Photos

On leaving the Royal Court, the Metric Martyrs were greeted by loud applause from a crowd of well-wishers. Neil Herron, spokesmen for the five traders, make the following statement to the national and international TV and press: "For the first time in British legal history, a court of law has failed to apply an Act of Parliament. This case has exposed clearly and simply who now governs Britain. The British people now know exactly what their own elected representatives have done in their name and without their consent."

  Neil Herron speaking on the steps of the Royal Court after the judgment.
Steve Thoburn
Steve Thoburn, speaking to reporters: "I was happy to provide both imperial and metric but no one ever asked me for metric. I am just providing a service for my customers".
Colin Hunt Colin Hunt (Hackney): "I will never stop selling in pounds until someone comes down here and physically stops me. That is what my customers want".
Julian Harman (Cornwall): "If someone comes into the shop and asks for something in kilos, we will be happy to serve them. This has not happened yet. No one in Camelford has come into the shop and said, 'Can I have a kilo of carrots' ".
Defence team Michael Shrimpton and Helen Jefferson explain the constitutional implications of the judgement: political power has passed from the UK's elected Parliament to Brussels.
Metric Martyr patron Edward Fox with BWMA Director Vivian Linacre. Mr Fox told reporters, "This judgement raises a big issue about whether the people of this country are governed by British or European law".
MEP Nigel Farage
MEP Nigel Farage, UK Independence Party: "This decision shows the truth about the EU that successive governments have been desperate to hide. What more proof is needed that the UK is now ruled by the EU, and that Parliament has been rendered useless?"
"Do you understand it, yet?"
The verdict was front page news by early afternoon.
Parliament - building to let
After leaving Court, the traders went down to the Houses of Parliament and unfurled the above message: BUILDING TO LET
Peter Collins Peter Collins, market trader from Sutton is taking his case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

The Doves

Final victory is assured: fishmongers John and Beryl Dove of Cornwall.

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