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De-metrication of Road Signs

BWMA is delighted to present the following photographs of de-metricated road signs.

In March 2003, BWMA supporter Pat Honey successfully persuaded Safeway supermarket's Leek store to bring its height restriction sign into line with the law:

Safeway Leek store, December 2002 - an illegal metric-only sign
The max height sign in March 2003 - imperial as well as metric

Washington, Durham - Mrs R Hush identified an unlawful metric bridleway sign (below, left) indicating the distance to Washington as "1km". Durham County Council told Mrs Hush that bridleway signs were being produced in metric because the country was "going metric anyway". When Durham Council replaced the sign, (right), they did not provide an indication in yards or miles, an indication of the metric mindset that it is better to provide no distance, than provide it in measures that most people understand.

Another sign corrected by Durham Council, following letters from Mrs Hush:
Biddulph, Staffordshire - a 100m sign changed following representations by Pat Honey.
  Left: following a complaint by Pat Honey about an unlawful metric-only height sign, Moorland District Council put up this "decimal feet" sign. This is also unauthorised, since indications of less than one foot must be expressed in inches. This new sign was also unlawful because dual metric-imperial heights are permissable only on round information signs, not on triangular warning signs.

Following further lobbying by Pat, the sign was changed to a legal 6'-10" (below).


Dunchruch, Warwickshire - Many thanks to Michael Parker for drawing Rugby Borough Council's attention to the metric sign below left. The Council added a more prominent ft/in with a minimum of fuss (right).

Burdon, Sunderland - Sunderland Council, when not prosecuting greengrocers, breaks the law itself by putting up metric signs. Frank Erskine saw this ½ km sign and forced Sunderland Council to replace it with 500 yds.

Mill Lane, Maids Moreton, Buckinghamshire - congratulations to Andy Heath who has succeeded in making his local county council change the following dangerous and illegal metric-only width signs:

Dangerous - illegal metric width sign Lawful - metric width signs are allowed only when used in conjuction with imperial signs
2.25m width sign 2.3m and 7'6 width signs
Early 2001 - Unlawful Early 2002 - Lawful
2.2m width sign 7'6 and 2.3m width signs

Maids Moreton, Bucks - Alan Heath successfully lobbied his local council to delete the illegal reference on this sign. Well done, Alan.

Bridgwater, Somerset - In response to lobbying by Victoria Gardner, Sedgemoor District Council stuck "216 yards" on a metric distance sign and said that doing so had brought the sign into line with legislation. Not so - the sign will only be legal once the reference to "200m" is removed altogether.

June 2001 - an illegal sign August 2001 - still an illegal sign
200m sign 200m-216yd sign

Harlow, Essex - Following pressure by BWMA member Tony Bennett and coverage in the local press, Harlow Council replaced this illegal metric sign with a lawful 200 yard sign.

  January 2000 June 2001
  200 metre sign 200 yards

Harlow, Essex - Another Essex success. The taping over by the council of the unlawful "150 metres" is clearly visible.

  150 metres 164 yards

Mawneys, Romford - Congratulations to Richard Clements for sucessfully converting a 2m/150m sign to customary units. The dark blue patches just visible behind the 6'6 and 165 yds is the paint covering the former illegalities.

Imperialised sign

Virginia Water, Surrey - Until recently, this sign indicated distance to Windsor Great Park in metric; now, it is in imperial - as all signs should be. This success is owing to the efforts of imperial campaigner Ted Huxley, and the propriety of Windsor Great Park staff.

Before... ...and after
Sign in metres Sign in yards

Bridgwater, Somerset - BWMA member Victoria Gardner spotted a "400 metre" Tourist Board sign in Bridgwater, Somerset. After a lengthy correspondence in which Sedgemoor District Council refused to convert the distance to yards, Victoria Gardner told them that if the council did not change the sign, she would change it herself. Within a week, the reference to metres was removed. As yet, the council have still to add the distance in yards...

Demetricated sign

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